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Grand Lake Lodging- Wildlife in Our Backyard

We've been seeing the usual compliment of wildlife, plus some, here at Mountain Lakes Lodge and North Shore Resort. Two foxes make their rounds each evening at North Shore. They circle clockwise between the deck and the lake, searching for field mice and other critters. Occasionally they pounce on something, but have a low rate of return for thier efforts. The rabbits keep on the alert none the less. The hawks and eagles seem to fare better. One recently swooped right past the huge window of the Lake Granby Suite with prey in its talons. The migratory birds such as pelicans and herons are returning to to enjoy the now open lakes. A small, but intensely blue bird has also caught our eyes lately. Both male and female moose are still feeding nearby between the two properties. They are seen regularly on the Mountain Lakes property and across the road from North Shore. One of our guests saw a group of five moose on her visit here. We are very glad the huge skunk (45lbs?) seen near the beach last week is not a regular visitor! We much prefer the herd of pronghorn antelope were scattered on the hill a few miles south of us on Tuesday. We still see elk on occasion, but the deer seem to have moved to higher ground for the season. Book your summer vacationin Grand Lake today at