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Grand Lake Logo Contest


Grand Lake Branding Team Launches Logo Contest

Grand Lake, Colorado: The Grand Lake Branding Team is pleased to announce a contest to create a new logo for Grand Lake, Colorado. The winning logo will be a major part of the ongoing effort to re-brand Grand Lake. 

Entrants should be aware of the Brand Promise which describes what Grand Lake is today, and what Grand Lake aspires to be. This is the promise made to visitors, potential residents and businesses regarding the experience they will have in Grand Lake. The Brand Promise should be the basis of inspiration for the creation of the logo design and it is: We are Grand Lake. Colorado’s authentic mountain lake town, the source of your inspiration, the soul of the Rockies. Choose your path; memories happen the moment you take your first step. This is your life. Breathe deep, get outside, and live it

The logo should have the town name Grand Lake as part of the design and needs to incorporate the brand slogan (tagline) The Soul of the Rockies. One entry per person and artwork must be original artwork. The contest is open to amateur and professional artists. The logo must be easy to reproduce in black and white, color and in small and large formats. 
You can submit your logo in the following ways:

Mail: PO Box 429 Grand Lake, CO 80447
Drop Off: Grand Lake Chamber, 14700 US Hwy 34 Grand Lake, CO 80447

The contest will run February 24 – March 24, 2014 with the winning design selected by the Grand Lake Branding Committee by March 25, 2014. A cash prize of $350 will be awarded to the logo contest winner. The winning logo design will be used in print, online and merchandise to promote and market Grand Lake, including signage, advertising, website, apparel, letterhead and town vehicles. If you have any questions please send Lindsey Morrow, Program Director an email at 

The contest entry form is listed below. Please print out the contest form and rules and submit with your logo! Thanks so much and good luck!!
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